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From Awe to Awesome: Service Innovation

Awe to Awesome

How service innovation helps you revamp your services to create awesome customer delight and experience.




Today’s customers are more discerning and knowledgeable when selecting services or products. They face numerous and varied choices each day, and often they will select those services or products that not only meets, but exceeds their expectations.

The drive to win and retain customers is the top priority for any organisation intending to remain competitive today. To achieve this, organizations need to think and act differently from their competitors. There is a need today to relook and refresh existing services to meet with the changing customer expectations.

From Awe to Awesome is a workshop to enable staff with the ability to generate new ideas to serve, delight and win customers. Ideas they generate will be the new solutions or opportunities to help the organisation attract and retain customers more effectively, leading to enhanced branding, positioning and profits.

What this workshop can do for the organisation:

  • Instill the drive in staff to think differently and provide more awesome service
  • Update staff on what exactly customers expect from service providers today
  • Have staff overcoming barriers to creating brilliant new service ideas
  • Creating a culture of service innovation in the organisation
  • Training staff in how to present their new ideas and solutions more effectively
  • Inspires teamwork, communication and quick-thinking in staff, through its very lively, stimulating and interactive learning session


Who Should Attend:

All staff involved in any level of customer service and service delivery, and now ready to step-up in creating an awesome customer experience for the organisation. All staff who aim to enhance their idea creation skills for professional and personal purposes.

Duration: 2 Days

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