Presentation Skills



High Impact Presentation Skills

High Impact Presentation Skills

Secrets to building confidence, memorable content and professional skills for presentation success.




Whether you are in management, education, administration or any other field, having good presentation skills will have the audience paying attention and inspiring them towards a desired outcome.

But for many people, standing in front of a group or large audience to give a presentation can be challenging. Feelings of fear, anxiety and nervousness can set in. So how do you reduce such feelings and get that confidence you need for a good and memorable presentation? What actually goes into a good presentation, so you achieve what you aimed to do?

This workshop unveils the secrets to giving effective presentations to a group of any size and for any topic. Whether doing a sales pitch, presenting a project or getting buy-in for any number of reasons, you will gain mastery by following the tips, tools and techniques provided in this course.

What You Stand to Learn:

  • Steps in building public speaking confidence
  • Creating an environment that serves your presentation effectively
  • 3P Skills: planning, preparation and performance
  • Using the power of voice, words and body language to maximum impact
  • How to handle distractions and difficult questions
  • Applying creative thinking to create presentations that stand out
  • How to handle contingencies and emergencies like a professional
  • Creating memorable content to accompany your speech
  • Adjusting your speaking style to suit different audiences
  • Creating a high impact conclusion to every presentation

The workshop will include lecture-discussion, role plays, videos and plenty of hands-on practice.

 Who Should Attend:

Anyone who does presentations and produces presentation slides for any purpose, such as internal communication within an organisation, business presentations and training, etc.

Duration: 2 Days

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