Keynotes and Talks


Besides training and facilitation, we also provide keynote talks and speeches for lunchtime talks, conferences, company events or any special needs you may have.

The focus of such talks is to provide a refresher and new perspectives to staff on “who they are, what they do, and why they do it”.  The aim is to rejuvenate and motivate them through their own self-analysis, but in a delightful, non-intimidating environment.

Topics are wide-ranging and can be customised to suit your needs. Two of our most our popular talks include:

“How did a squirrel inspire a fashion show?”

A highly popular session to illustrate how great ideas are created, and how you can be a creative thinker and doer too. This is a very engaging, dynamic session that will keep the audience riveted and focused throughout. Expect this to be a highly interactive and humourous session involving involvement in activities and trying their hand at creating ideas themselves, and being surprised at the result.

“Skills from the road less travelled.”

There are skills and there are “skills”. This talk aims to get the audience listening and thinking about additional skills that they would not normally consider as helpful, but in fact can complement or raise their professional and personal potential. It will help them shift their mindset towards such uncommon skillsets, and learn to accept them as useful for their own progress. What these skillsets are will surprise them.

Through 45-minute to 1.5 hour sessions, we will share challenges and best practices, as well as tips and techniques in each talk. Each talk will include our unique delivery style that includes a combination of attention-grabbing talk, humour, memorable presentation and as a bonus, will also have active audience participation in a non-intimidating manner

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