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The Art of Excellent Customer Service

Excellent Customer Service

How to impress and win over customers and clients through exceptional service skills!




How do the top service champions deliver top-notch service to their customers, clients and stakeholders again and again… and result in their customers always returning and adding to their profits?

The answer is in their customer-first mindset in everything they say, do or provide, that creates a lasting impression and immense customer satisfaction.

Creating customer satisfaction through a fantastic service experience is more than simply “better customer service” or “better communication”. There are deeper and more holistic skillsets and behaviour needed in staff today. Once you aim for a customer-first mindset, there are several key points to consider and know how they impact the customer and create an impression.

This workshop provides professional service skills to instill the true meaning of customer-first mindset in your staff, provides the critical tools in not only delighting the customers, but also how to create a lasting positive impression in their minds.

What Your Staff Stand to Benefit:

  • Learn the right way to speak to customers, using a professional service language
  • Learn how to avoid common speech mistakes that create unfavourable impressions
  • Gain useful and proper grooming and body language skills
  • Develop effective and practical listening and response skills
  • Learn how to improve your service environment to create positive impression
  • Learn the secrets to having a positive attitude when serving
  • Understand the stages in a customer service interaction
  • Master the steps to creating a memorable service experience

Workshop Methodology:

The workshop emphasises learning by doing. The aim is to maximise the opportunity for participants to master the skills taught, so they return to the organisation ready to apply them immediately. It is presented through a combination of lecture-discussion, practical examples, videos and plenty of practical activities involving individual and group role plays.

Who Should Attend:

Anyone whose role or duty involves serving customers (frontline and back-end), doing sales calls, and handling client relationships. These include (and not limited to) customer service and retail staff, receptionists, sales staff, client relationship managers and executives, as well as staff who need to interact, talk and present to internal customers on a daily basis.

Duration: 2 Days

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