Creativity and Innovation



Creativity and Innovation for the Workplace

Creativity and Innovation

The art of generating brilliant ideas for new opportunities, gaining market share and increased profits.




The business environment today is unlike the past.

Competition is tighter and tougher, information is faster and more widespread, and customers have a wider range of choices than ever before. Winning the hearts and minds of customers has become a lot more challenging.

What is needed today is the ability to stand out from the competition, and creating new value that puts you ahead and wins over customers and clients in ways never thought of before.

The core skill needed to achieve this is creative and innovative thinking, i.e. the ability to:

  • create new ideas
  • see and seize new opportunities 
  • act differently from the competition

What this workshop can do for your organisation:

  • Fires staff’s imagination and stimulate them into creating original, new and workable ideas
  • Creates the abilities to see opportunities and new possibilities
  • Instilling in staff the ability to innovate and create new value
  • Training staff in how to present their new ideas and solutions more effectively
  • Makes creativity and innovation a part of organisational culture and practice
  • Inspires teamwork, communication and quick-thinking in staff
  • The creation of multitude new and workable ideas in just one session

The workshop is a fusion of facilitation, hands-on participation, discussions, team games and activities, videos and music. The aim is to energise participants so their creativity can be unleashed in a non-intimidating environment. Creativity and Innovation for the Workplace provides learning through spontaneity, excitement, energy and humour, creating an experience that encourages participation by all.

Who Should Attend:

The simple answer is: practically everyone! All levels of staff who aim to enhance their idea creation skills for professional and personal purposes. For all organisations who need to raise the creativity and thinking skills of staff to solve organisational issues and for the creation of new innovations; especially suitable for staff in Marketing and Sales, Human Resources, Organisational and Capability Development, Management and Leadership, where generating new ideas is now a critical function.

Duration: 1 Day

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