Communication Skills



Effective Workplace Communication Skills

Communication SkillsHow good communication can lead to successful cohesion and team-bonding.




The need for good communication is such an important skill that applies to all levels in your organisation. When conveying a message to others, do you take note of the way you speak, the exact words you use, the right body language, or responding exactly as the other party expects of you?

Communication in a certain way makes the difference between creating a favourable impression and response from others… or the opposite effect: creating negative sentiments towards you.

The answer to good, effective communication lies in what you say, how you say it, and if you listened and responded in the right way.

The good news is, communication skills can be learnt. This workshop takes you through common mistakes encountered during a normal communication situation, and shows you how you can correct these mistakes and create a very positive impression in the eyes of the others.

Key Benefits of This Course:

  • Learn how to speak positively and more professionally
  • Learn how to put customers and colleagues at ease when speaking
  • Learn how to appear as a professional when communicating
  • Discover secrets and tips to proper appearance to create a positive impression
  • Understand and use proper body language to your advantage
  • Develop effective and practical listening and response skills
  • Master the skills in being a confident communicator

This workshop is presented through a combination of lecture-discussion, practical examples, videos and plenty of hands-on activities involving individual and group role plays.

Who Should Attend:

For staff of all levels in an organisation, from executives to managers and above. Specifically, for anyone whose role or duty involves serving customers (frontline and back-end), doing sales calls, and handling client relationships.

Duration: 1 Day

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