Business Ethics



Doing it Right: Business Ethics Skills

Business EthicsIt is a known fact that an organisation’s ethics will determine its credibility, integrity, reputation and success in the long term.




With news travelling faster than ever today, a wrong step by an organisation can create serious ramifications and irreparable damage to its position that can cost millions to correct.

Underlying good ethics is a set of moral and core values. Just as we consider personal ethics important to our own credibility, so too is business ethics a real and present need in every organisation today to preserve its reputation, integrity and to stand the test of time. And the practice of good ethics is the responsibility of each and every staff within an organisation – no matter the organisation type, staff rank or role.

This workshop outlines the key steps needed to instil good business ethics and ethical practices within the organisation. Creating good business ethics throughout the organisation can take time and effort, but doing so will improve business in the long run.

Key Learnings and Outcome:

  • Understand what is meant by “business ethics”
  • Understand the long-term benefits of being ethical
  • Knowing the difference between ethical and unethical behaviour
  • How to lead by example
  • Getting buy-in from all towards an ethical culture
  • How to overcome temptations
  • How to make ethical decisions

The workshop includes lectures and discussions, group and individual activities, self-reflections, role-plays and videos. It can be customised to suit the organisation’s vision, mission and core values.

Who Should Attend:

Because good ethics is needed in everyone in the organisation, this workshop is useful for all staff from all levels, from rank and file to directors.

Duration: 1 Day

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