“Had a great time. First course I actually enjoyed. Facilitator was excellent. Learnt a lot. Can’t wait to apply.”

“Engaging trainer, good content. The course is lively and the lessons learnt can be applied to problems faced at work.”

“The hands-on experience allow us to remember the methods rather than facilitator talk all the time. Interesting session.”

From a public workshop conducted on creativity and innovation, Singapore


“The process is easy to understand and I am able to relate it to my work setting.”

Nanyang Polytechnic (Singapore)


“Delightful and creative way of collaboration for staff. Trainers were approachable and yet task focused.”

“Enjoyable. Skills taught are practical. Skills taught are applicable to problem solving.”

“The speaker or presenter/facilitator was practical, injected humour, interactive. Processes well sequenced in practical use of example.”

“Fun and engaging session while objectives are clearly explained, and relevant ideas can be applied to work.”

“Very interactive, encouraging. Good time management. Interesting activities and clear explanation.”

Pei Hwa Presyberian Primary School (Singapore)


“Overall course structure very well organised would recommend to colleagues to attend”

“Very good and interesting.”

Jurong Town Corporation (Singapore)


“More of this type of workshop pleases others than the boring trainings and seminars.”

“Good bonding with colleagues, encourages us to think creatively and not always think in the same way.”

“Very well done by instructor. Should be made available for as many staff as possible.”

Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS)


“Refreshing, like getting us to sit on the floor for the session. The group activities we did also gave us good ideas to use in our teaching.”

“Hands on activities are very useful.”

“Very interactive, light hearted and good pace.”

“Engaging session. The framework was a useful tool.”

“The facilitator is engaging and lively. Approachable.”

St. Hilda’s Primary School (Singapore)


“The course was very well conducted. The skills are very useful and effective.”

“The execution of workshop was good. The concepts and tools taught were excellent.”

“Able to effectively make use of team dynamics and teamwork to come out with innovative ideas.”

Singapore Productivity Association


“Very experienced trainer who carried out the course content effectively.”

“It is easy to understand. Good examples provided. Interesting and innovative.”

Bedok Division, Singapore Police Force


“Interesting, very different from the other courses. Interactive and yet not intimidating.”

CHIJ, St. Joseph’s Covent (Singapore)


“Excellent method to have creative ideas from everyone. Both trainers have managed the workshop exceptionally well and it is obviously through the rapport from audience.”

“Framework is interesting. Game activities were interesting. Facilitators were good at working up and warming up crowd. Facilitators are logical, analytical, and knowledgeable. Unique programme to teach us how to think creatively to solve problems. Great job!!!

Public workshop for Civil Service College (Singapore)


“Very interesting workshop, well organised.”

“Able to continuously engage us in all activities. A thoroughly engaging and enriching experience”

“The way the workshop runs really helps break barriers and encouraged participation.”

“Really enjoyed the unconventional way the course was conducted.”

Singapore National Eye Centre (SNEC)


“Fun-filled learning in a casual setting. Very well prepared, engaging and fun facilitators.”

“Effective learning workshop session.”

“Enjoyed it very much. Liked the interactivity and networking.”

National Heritage Board (Singapore)


“Useful to use it to generate ideas during discussion.”

“It gives the participants opportunities to be very open-minded and to look at issues from wide angle.”

“It is relevant and related/applicable to teamwork.”

Central Narcotics Bureau (Singapore)


“It is a good and enriching experience and we learn how to unlock our right brain.”

“The programme is very useful when it is applied to our daily work/life.”

Army Maintenance Base, Singapore Armed Forces


“Facilitator did an excellent job of explaining and elaborating on key concepts and principles.”

“Well conducted. Facilitator is friendly and knowledgeable.”

Infocomm Development Authority (Singapore)


“Trainer was able to bring out interest in the subject. Team spirit was high and engaged in discussion.”

“Thoroughly enjoyed this stimulating, challenging creative way of conducting the sessions.”

Association of Diabetes Educators, (Singapore)


“Excellent workshop. Very relevant and provides many opportunities for hands on application of the techniques. Well done.”

Ministry of Health (Singapore)


“The trainer is eloquent and has good English language skills that keeps me enthused. Command of language is evident. “

“The step by step process is good for starters like us. Fun and makes us feel relaxed while brainstorming. Thinking of an idea was never this fun.”

“The workshop has been enriching. Thanks to the facilitator for being encouraging and hilarious in their very own approach of sharing. Kudos!”

“Good. Well conducted and coordinated workshop. Pace is just right. “

Institute of Technical Education (Singapore)